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Let's improve your social enterprise.

We support social entrepreneurs develop and increase both revenue and impact.

Build strategy

We offer social enterprise support to those at idea or early stage. We put together easy to implement business strategies and action plans to keep everyone moving forward together.

Grow sales

Some social entrepreneurs are more heart than head. So we coach you how to produce sales plans and marketing strategies. These make sure your venture is financially sustainable and resilient.

Increase impact

Social impact reports are a must. We take through the planning, collecting and reporting process. In the end, you get a clear and efficient way that serves you for years to come. 

Which one are you?

Here are two examples of clients we’ve worked with. Can you relate to either of them?

The Accidental Entrepreneur

There you were, minding your own business, doing your own thing, creating and exploring. 

Then suddenly your friends and family told you that it was a great idea. That you could earn a living and make an impact! 

You apply for some funding, it seems they like it too, and things start to snowball. 

But it’s just an idea? How can I make this self-sustainable?

We’ve answered these questions before.

First, we talk through their vision and dreams, and turn them into achievable steps. 

Then, we look at the finances, and make some digestible targets and goals to reach sustainability

All whilst looking at who their stakeholders are, and ensure impact is multiplied wherever possible.

The Focussed Changemaker

You’ve been in the sector for a while now, and life’s pretty sweet as you’re fairly established.

You’ve refined and grown what you do. And delivering or selling something for a year or so, but you still worry about next year.

Some of what you know can be transferred into what you do, however the whole entrepreneurship thing is daunting.

Where is this going? Should I hire a team? How can I grow?

We’ve answered these questions before.

First, we reflect on the past and the journey so far, celebrating your successes yet not ignoring the learning.

Next, we revisit or rewrite the strategy, making it dynamic, current and with the next steps clearly laid out.

Also, we check old assumptions in making change, and use past examples to create new and better impact.

What other social entrepreneurs say.

We support individuals and teams from various sectors and at different stages.

Do I really need your support?

Book a free consultancy hour and you can decide afterwards.