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The team

We engage a number of expert consultants and mentors to ensure we can deliver exactly what you want, be it to do with Marketing, Strategy, Impact, Finance and all other parts of your business you might need help with.

Michael Freer
Consultant and Trainer

With his combination of strategical thinking and action planning, alongside a good dose of energy and efficiency, he enjoys coming up with solutions and how to achieve them. Then he makes them happen.

His achievements to date include setting up a training service for mental health professionals, establishing and running a coffee shop to assist in the rehabilitation of recovering drug users. He also oversaw the development and implementation of a CSR strategy in a Cambodian factory.  Alongside consulting for ensoco he also runs CookCroatia and antibura.

You can read more about Michael on his LinkedIn profile.

Vanja Perić
Consultant – Finance

Her passion for figures alongside her practical manner provide a no-nonsense approach to financial planning for those starting their businesses or in the early stages. She makes, what is often an entrepreneur’s biggest fear, a breeze.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst, she boasts a strong background and experience in traditional investment management. This provided a great foundation to leap into the impact investment world. Whilst being a consultant and volunteering at the local animal shelter, she provides ensoco clients with support in budgeting, forecasts, measuring impact and competitor research.

You can read more about Vanja on her LinkedIn profile.

social enterprise impact marketing designer andrana balic

Andrana Balić
Consultant – Marketing

Rarely do you see her without a pencil and piece of paper in her hand, as her ideas flow from her fingers. She knows how to design and deliver an attractive marketing campaign with her special touch of flair and pizzazz.

She has worked in the fashion, food, tech and design sectors to date, with both leading companies and startups. She even boasts her own fashion line in collaboration with ensoco – check out Antibura! As a new mother, she’s now looking at all things baby and children – books, clothes and more. She provides our clients with unique designs and marketing ideas to make your customers aware of your impact.

You can check out Andrana’s portfolio on her Behance profile.


For all organisations to have an overall positive effect on society and the environment.


To actively promote and develop a spectrum of sustainable enterprises.


Inspiration – We inspire companies to develop a different approach to the way they do business, and encourage individuals to become social entrepreneurs when they have viable ideas.

Quality – we are committed to continuously improve the way we work through education, training and feedback to ensure we are the best in the sector.

Diversity – we support a range of individuals or companies, from different countries, cultures and financial backgrounds through offering bespoke services and prices.

The legal stuff

We are currently registering as a j.d.o.o in Croatia. Since there is no legal structure for social enterprises here at the moment, we have committed to the following core social enterprise values through signing an executive decision bound in our constitution:

  • To submit an annual social and environmental impact report
  • To reinvest 75% to further our cause, through offering seed grants for social entrepreneurs.
  • To be transparent through publicly publishing accounts, minutes of meetings etc