The first question is – are we going to get on?

We enjoy what we do, and that’s why we want to work with clients who we like and have a similar mindset to us. Imagine having a business coach you didn’t like – eurgh! So let’s fix a time for our free kick-off discussion, and see what happens.

Next up – what stage are you at with your business?

We’ve been through that process of brainstorming, financial planning, service user involvement and working with stakeholders. We’ve also launched, marketed and run our own startups. So during the kick-off discussion we see where you are, find out what you want, and give an outline of what’s next.

Then the real work begins..

You decide how we work with you, some examples are:

Business coach – regular meetings where we set goals and milestones, share tips and tricks, assess progress, ensure accountability and support you intellectually and emotionally to get you from A to B.

Consultancy – putting together a business plan, writing 3 year organisational strategies, creating an effective pitch or presentation etc. You tell us what you’re after, and if it fits within our skillset we’ll do it for you. If it doesn’t we can always refer you to our partners.

Workshops – Social Enterprise Model Canvas, Theory of Change, Measuring your Impact, How to Pitch etc. We have a range of workshops for all ages, which will give you the theory and then make you turn it into practise.

What about the cost?

We charge an hourly rate of 22EUR (20GBP/25USD/160HRK) and can either give you a quote upfront or use clockify to track the time spent working for you.

If you’re bootstrapping and can’t afford that, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do, we’ve worked in exchange for commission, shares or goods before.

Book your free consultancy hour now