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The Fresh Box connects local Croatian farmers and small-scale producers to a new client group – people chartering yachts from Split and Kaštela. In 2019, we helped them turn their idea into a business full of positive impact, whilst keeping an eye on the environmental impact.

We partner with Klub Mladih Split annually to run workshops on social entrepreneurship for young people aged between 18-30, as well running Hack4Split, a social hackathon.

Održivo is a sustainable design company dedicated to developing the sustainable building industry in Croatia. In 2017 we worked together to finalise their three-year business strategy, strengthen their social and environmental impact and improve their marketing.

Activo Camp Summer Camp Croatia Business

Activo Camp is a youth summer camp that offers a number of programs. We ran an entrepreneurship camp for them in 2018 and 2019. If you want your children to learn more about entrepreneurship in an active and engaging way, then visit their website!

We partnered with Bonsai in 2018 to run two workshops on Theory of Change and Social Return on Investment, before developing a model to measure the SROI of a proposed new volunteer co-ordinator role at local NGOs.

Cook Croatia Cooking Classes Split

Cook Croatia is a social enterprise incubated inside of ensoco that offers cooking classes to foreigners and locals near Split, Croatia. It aims to develop rural areas across Croatia through opening up villages to the tourism industry. We are managing this social enterprise and developing it within our own portfolio.

Antibura is a social enterprise being incubated inside of ensoco that sell beautifully designed and locally produced neckerchiefs to the local Croatian market.