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Go Carbon Zero with Trunk

We don’t just plant trees to offset your carbon footprint, but regenerate a balanced forest whilst work closely with you and workforce to reduce your emissions.

Initial Assessment (free of charge)

Aside from speaking to you in person, we will provide questionnaires for all your staff to answer. Here we will build the bigger picture around your carbon footprint, including utilities, travel and suppliers.

Evaluation and pricing

Once we’ve received all the documentation and research, we can evaluate your carbon footprint and inform you of the cost of Trunk membership. We offer two payment methods – pay as you go Trunk or prepaid Trunk. 

Strategy and reforesting

With the final contract signed, we start planting your regenerative forests – a combination of trees, shrubs and grasses. Meanwhile in the office, we work with you one on one to reduce your carbon emissions through developing a three year strategy.

Annual review and report

As we work to implement your strategy and plant your forests, we check your progress annually. The price of membership will drop as you reduce your emissions and offset emissions from previous years.


Get assessed now

Find out your carbon footprint and how to get rid of it.