Interview with Michael Freer, founder of ensoco

ensoco wants to build both a local and international presence and support social entrepreneurs wherever needed. However, as with any legal entity it has to have a base somewhere, and therefore was founded in Split, Croatia by Michael, a British national.

Split currently has an underdeveloped social entrepreneurship scene and therefore ensoco has been working with local partners in promoting and developing the sector. More recently, ensoco founder Michael attended Shift, a conference that focuses on professionals and businesses in the IT sector, to network and learn about how they’re actively promoting the sector and to share experiences.

ensoco is now working closely with to encourage more startups to Split, and in turn hopes to see more role models and mentors that can encourage people to develop their own business ideas here. Here’s Michael giving a bit more information about why you should come to Split, with your idea and see what you can develop in this beautiful place on the Adriatic coast.

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