What is corporate social responsibility?

At the same time as the social enterprise sector has risen, so has corporate social responsibility. Some people see the value in it, and recognise the great work being done, whilst others say it’s a token effort by companies trying to appear to be more socially or environmentally aware.

While this argument continues, there are various ways for companies to improve their social responsibility. So what about your organisation? Here we list a few examples of how organisations can start and continue to be socially responsible.

Donations + Sponsorship

Probably the most common way that organisations support their community, you may see company names appear at locally organised events such as fairs or fetes. Some NGOs also have regular corporate donors.

Implementing inclusive and equal HR practise

What’s the difference between your lowest paid and highest paid? How diverse is your company? Is there a gender pay gap? Different countries are tackling these in different ways by regulating companies, but certain companies are already publicly reporting on these areas.

Corporate Volunteering

Aside from money, hands and knowledge are also needed by the local community and NGOs, which is why some companies provide a match service. They may encourage employees to volunteer regularly, say once a month, whilst being pay, some also match any donations their volunteers raise, and finally other companies offer pro bono services which NGOs sometimes can’t find the funds for.


A few organisations go the whole hog and work to become social enterprises by following standards, such as BLab or Wirkt. Whilst others still need to meet their shareholders needs first and instead get certain international standards like SA8000 or ISO14001 to show they are acting in a socially or environmentally responsible way.

These are just a few examples of what organisations include in their corporate social responsibility strategy to work towards more socially and environmentally sustainable organisations. If you’re interested in finding out other ways, get in touch!

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