About Us


For all organisations to have an overall positive effect on society and the environment.


To actively promote and develop a spectrum of sustainable enterprises.


Inspiration – We want to inspire companies to develop a different approach to the way they do business, and encourage individuals to become social entrepreneurs when they have viable ideas.

Quality – we are committed to continuously improve the way we work through education, training and feedback to ensure we are the best in the sector.

Diversity – we aim to support a range of individuals or companies, from different countries, cultures and financial backgrounds through offering bespoke services and prices.

The legal stuff

We are currently registering as a j.d.o.o in Croatia. Since there is no legal structure for social enterprises here at the moment, we have committed to the following core social enterprise values through signing an executive decision bound in our constitution:

  • To submit an annual social and environmental impact report
  • To reinvest 75% to further our cause, through offering seed grants for social entrepreneurs.
  • To be transparent through publicly publishing accounts, minutes of meetings etc.

Our founder

Michael Freer founded the j.d.o.o in 2017 having worked in (and around) the field of social enterprise for five years.

He has worked in three social enterprises, been part of the implementation and development of a CSR strategy for a factory in Cambodia, and he has worked closely with a number of other social enterprises and nonprofits over the past five years, supporting them with their ideas and helping them scale.

He has two passions – social entrepreneurship and travel, and now he combines the two. He has lived in India, Argentina, Croatia, Cambodia and his motherland – the U.K.

When he’s not reading about social entrepreneurship, he enjoys playing football, the keyboard, hiking and writing.

You can read more about Michael on LinkedIn.